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They will need to complete the Witness section at the bottom of the form if you are unable to sign it yourself.

If you wish to apply for a permanent postal or proxy vote on the grounds of disability you can download the application form on the Voting by post or proxy page.

If you contact us we can confirm the exact wording of your address on the Register and this may enable the agency to find your details.

If requested, your local Area Office can provide written confirmation that you are listed on the Register and you can provide a copy of this to the agency to prove you are registered, but we cannot contact the agency on your behalf.

Further information about the Register can be found on the About the Electoral Register and Updating the Electoral Register pages.

Any person who is eligible can register at any time and many are contacted by the Electoral Office as a result of information obtained from government bodies (such as the Business Services Organisation) regarding changes of residence.If you are not registered you may find it difficult to obtain credit for this reason.When your registration form is received by an Area Office, the details on the form will be checked against other government records such as the Department for Work and Pensions database.Area Office addresses and opening hours are available on the Contact Us page.You can find it on the payslip you receive from your employer, benefit/pension details received from the Social Security Agency, your National Insurance Number card or your tax return/any correspondence from the Inland Revenue.

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The Area Office will return your documents using the same method of postage used to send them in.