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Una historia casi divertida online dating

It also showed the darker side to someone secretly suffering from these mental illnesses.It really opens the readers eyes to what it really is like to be inside of a person eyes and life who suffers from this.Although medication helps his depression, he decides to stop taking it.Soon after, he makes another decision: to commit suicide.With a cast of interesting characters and a very forthright teen perspective, Vizzini has penned a poignant and sometimes humorous tale (Miramax, 2006) about navigating adolescence.

Readers must suspend their disbelief big time for this to work.Whether you are dealing with these issues or know someone who is. It's definitely a coming of age story but Vizzini's focus on that is through the other patients instead of more through his own thought process.Not on my recommendation list, but over all not a bad book.It also gives the insight of how it is to go through treatement when you turn to help from a hospital when you want to kill yourself.I enjoyed this book because I myself suffered for many years with depression.

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The story line had great potential but i caught myself skipping through a lot of the filler mainly because it couldn't keep my attention. It tackles depression, suicidal tendencies, and mental health issues in a really realistic way. He got better, but the undertone was, at least for me, that he was better "for now." I loved his self awareness and the bit with the maps was really unique and added to the story. This book is funny yet sad, uplifting yet depressing.

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