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Orlik pipe dating

Like many Austro-Hungarians, these people did not have a clear sense of ethnic identity.

Their faith, Catholic or Orthodox, set them apart from their neighbors.

The festival draws people from other churches – even politicians come. Called the “most magnificent coal bed in the world,” this vein produced over two-thirds of the anthracite mined.The 18th-century discovery of the hard coal – formed over 250 million years ago – later sparked a mining frenzy that would fuel the industrialization of the United States, spur revolutions in technology and create boom towns across the region.Desperate for workers, mining companies scoured Central and Eastern Europe for cheap labor, recruiting many agricultural workers eager to escape the turmoil and poverty of their homeland.“You always looked forward to church on Sunday,” says Mr.Evans, “but now everybody seems to have things that are more important.” He worries that, because so many people have left for jobs elsewhere, there are few young adults to assume responsibilities in the church. Of her three children, the youngest is still at home, another remains in the area and the third lives in Brooklyn.

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The Gingos are unusual in that all their children have opted to stay in the area.

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