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The device had been located: It was currently in Harlem, at the Reverend Dr. Towers, a housing project several blocks north of Central Park.

She had no idea how her phone had made the 120-mile trek from Montauk to Manhattan, but she had a surreal vision of it traveling on its own, facing the same choices any yuppie would face: Do you catch a ride in someone’s car? Or is it faster to hop on the Long Island Rail Road?

Maura’s experience started in a similar way: When the pictures started showing up, she realized that she was linked to a Yemeni family in a way that would have been inconceivable a decade ago.Now a picture of a man, probably around 30, dressed in a robe and head wrap and lounging on a mattress.He leans against a bare wall with a satisfied look on his face, his right cheek domed out, stuffed.People throughout the Arab Peninsula and the Horn of Africa generally see qat as a harmless plant that produces a buzzy caffeine-like sensation.The next picture has no human figures: It is a row of seventeen Kalashnikov assault rifles.

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He is frozen in the act of dipping his hand into a pile of qat leaves, which, when chewed, produce “effects similar to cocaine and methamphetamine”—this per the U. Drug Enforcement Agency, which classifies one of its active chemicals, cathinone, as a Schedule I drug, same as heroin.

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