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Lee dong wook eugene kim dating

Lee Dong Wook has one of the most distinct faces in South Korean celebrity scene.

That’s because he doesn’t look South Korean at all.

Moreover, the double eyelids make him look less Korean and more of a Filipino or Spanish looking man. This change made him a hundred times more handsome than before, which is surely good for his future endeavors and roles.

Lee Dong Wook has double eyelids today and they make him look more expressive and a better actor.Well, we do suspect that he did get a nose job at some point in his career.If you look closely, his nose became a little bit thinner and sharper than before.Lee Dong Wook finished his upcoming movie “Bean Paste” on the 22nd and spent his last few days with his family. Lee Dong Wook did a press conference on the 24th, revealing his new haircut.

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New Movie of Eugene and Lee Dong Wook Movie: Heartbreak Library Revised romanization: Keu Namjaui Chak 198Jjeuk Hangul: 그 남자의 책 198쪽 Director: Jeong-kwon Kim Writer: Producer: Cinematographer: Release Date: October 23, 2008 Runtime: 99 min.