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Girl kissing live cam

The Kiss Cam effort "was another great moment to give people a way to emotionally connect with this message." That message was first delivered in a 2015 PSA shot in Santa Monica, Calif.

For that video, R/GA erected a giant screen that displayed X-rays images of couples kissing.

The video shows the Kiss Cam starting in predictable fashion, with a camera searching for a couple to display inside a heart on the scoreboard.

The first couple, a man and a woman, turns out to be a ruse: the man turns and kisses the man to his right, and the crowd cheers.

On this day in KISSTORY - February 5, 2002, KISS kicked off the New York City Fashion Week with a rockin' performance at the Lane Bryant Fashion Show.

She replied to the girl's tweet saying: "But I do kiss a girl in the show ;) " The TV show is based on a novel by the same name, and Bella will play the lead role in the series.was released yesterday, which had everyone shocked at a scene in which two girls are kissing.Bella will be starring in the show as the lead named Paige, but the actress has confirmed that, even though she wasn't in the clip that Freeform shared on Twitter, she does in fact kiss a girl at some point in the show!A woman in an interracial relationship adds, "Our love is greater than anyone's hate." The video is set to the song "Show Me Love" by Hundred Waters.The campaign is about "helping people self reflect on their own unconscious bias and making people feel they can be part of the solution," said Heidi Arthur, head of campaign development at the Ad Council.

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To celebrate Valentine's Day 2017, the Ad Council has turned the gimmick into a celebration of unbiased love for the third chapter of its award-winning "Love Has No Labels" campaign, created by R/GA.