Free pantyhose chat rooms

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Free pantyhose chat rooms

^ its just something about the material that attracts me to it, i wear them practicly all the time, sheer pantyhose are alot cooler the opaque ones, when i sleep in sheers i could use a blanket but with opaques i have to keep removing the blanket during the night which is...

I joined Experience Project a few days ago after having yet another discussion with another female, whom I will call "L," who tried to convince me how evil pantyhose were.

I'm not sure why I havn't worn them before but I will give them a try. She made me stand in line to pay for the hose and her panties. Well I got into wearing pantyhose around the age of 12 to 13. The first couple of times I freaked out but then later we talked. I eventually agreed to let him wear them in his room.

:) As a guy who has been out in public with shorts and skin tone-matching pantyhose just a couple of times, I recently found myself with an opportunity to go out in public for most of the day and I decided to kick things up a notch. He is 18 now and about to leave for college but I still let him wear... All of my escapades are usually early in the morning or late at night I haven't had very many negative insults or snide looks. I went to a movie with a close friend wearing and she was nervous she kept asking...

I like the felling of energy and vitality is get when wearing support pantyhose. Being messy young girls, the bathroom was often strewn with discarded clothes all over the place.

I was so so nervous and I really feel happy so let me tell you what happened. I talked to one of them who liked wearing pantyhose and he told me that...

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I found an EP group full of women just like "L" who also hate pantyhose, and their complaints are the same...

so good make my **** hard I lay on bed rubbing my self through the pantyhose imagining it's another man which makes me really horny love the feeling as you feel the pre *** starting to flow through the pantyhose Since I was young pantyhose always had a curious luster, a kind of drawing effect like a magnet or gravitational force. As long ago as I can remember it has always been this way. After readng some stories on this group about how people like wearing them and how it makes them feel, its has made me want to wear them myself too. I blushed a bit other ladies standing near by laughed. I would see girls, teachers, and some moms wearing pantyhose at school. i first caught my son wearing pantyhose when he was 14.

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