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Aol co uk dating

There are 4 fixings on the back,2 of which are hooks.

This plate would have been worn on the white cross belt across the chest,and by Officers not ranks.This regiment fought as a local unti during the Maori Wars,partivularly at the Battle of Waireka where one of the soldiers won a Victoria Cross for bravery. The regiment was formed in 1685 as the Queen's Regiment of horse.(named in honour of Queen mary the Consort of James the 2nd.) There are 2 fixing lugs on the back.Super badge £40The 18th Hussars with the crown of Queen Victoria. The badge is in brass but the centre is white metal. The badge is a good weight and it is stamped SILVER smack in the centre. Superb rare badge in bronze of this little known regiment.This badge is 75 years old.£26 Suffolk Regiment,the 2nd Volunteer battalion WW1 A very nice badge in all brass for the 2nd volunteers ,so a rare badge.Probably the result of the older mens call up in WW1 who were designated mainly all brass volunteers badges. WW1 Period Very nice quality badge of this famous regiment that had 17 battalions - and a much loved regiment.

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During the War in the Sudan,this battalion took part in the battle of Omduran in 1898.

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