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I wanted a smooth application, not little blobs of foundation that kept pilling on me.

I stopped using it altogether so my mom took it off my hands (she’s whiter than snow, so it matched her perfectly). It dawned on me that foundation did not have to be white.

You could totally see the difference in color between my neck and face. The smell would not dissipate even after wearing the foundation for long periods of time.

Worse yet, I started noticing mico-exfoliation on my skin and had no clue how to make it stop.

I was going to ask the “artist” to color match me and to teach me how to color match myself in the future. The frumpy looking women at the Lancome counter who calls herself a makeup artist had no clue what she was doing.

It was darker than my skin but it wasn’t orange or brown. At first, I looked funny, but after applying mascara, it made me look like when I first get back from summer vacation, all tanned and glowy.

I was a tween, clueless as ever about makeup but I decided to venture into uncharted waters and purchase a foundation compact nonetheless.

Just to be clear, most girls I saw wore foundation a billion times lighter than their actual shade. Afer much use, I eventually lost the foundation compact (Thank God! Much, later I was in Mohallab at Hawally with my mom when we passed by a MAC store.

Add to that, the fact that we have a no returns policy which is awful because the Sales Assistants can get away with pushing awful products on you but you can not return them after buying the products, taking them home, actually using them, and realizing they don’t match you or work for you.

Worst of all, no samples unless you buy the product which defeats the whole point of samples, and even then, if you do buy the product, notice how the foundation samples they give you are always the lightest shade (001, ivory, etc…) because Kuwaiti people who live in a desert country mind you, are known for being super pale, right?

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This applies to a lot of people but sadly I’m not one of them.